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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Get more than a job. Get opportunity.

Christian Brothers Automotive believes that happy employees are committed employees, and whether at our home office, or one of our franchised-owned stores, there exists a joyful and employee-focused culture.

Get more than a job.
Get opportunity.

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Tools for Success

Christian Brothers Automotive locations provide manufacturer diagnostic tools for most major brands - and the training and support to use these tools effectively. We have a team of Technician Support Specialists who are equipped and dedicated to helping store employees nationwide solve difficult problems. This level of support means a job done quickly and correctly – the first time.

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Continued Education

The Home Office Support Team offers monthly technical training classes, sales and leadership development courses, and an amazing collection of online knowledge through our exclusive online training and support resources.

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Training & Recognition

The great food, comradery, and brand-new sport UTV giveaways are always an exciting part of our annual conference - Mastering the Difference. During this conference, we bring in industry leading trainers alongside established professionals to share best practices with shop and counter staff.

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Lasting Teamwork & Weekends Off

Each store has a unique work environment filled with hands-on opportunities, supportive colleagues and engaging events. We are proud that the store owners of established locations are closed on weekends so team members can enjoy time with their families and friends without sacrificing opportunity.

Inspirational Career Journeys

Michael's Story

Michael's Headshot

“My former job at another auto repair shop was the most toxic environment I have ever worked in. 7-day work weeks in a shop that advertised being open 99 hours a week, terribly dishonest business tactics, acceptance of substances on property, verbal abuse, you name it. I was ready to leave the industry, but thankfully I saw a CBA opening around the corner and looked into it.”


Left previous auto repair shop & joined CBA as a Service Manager

“I was empowered and applauded every day for simply serving others and doing the right thing. I was given the opportunity to learn and develop my leadership under my Shop Owner’s mentorship. The shop was a culture with an overwhelming sense of community, service and support. We were a family. The environment at CBA allowed me to flourish and very quickly there was no doubt in my mind that this was the place I wanted to spend the rest of my career.”


Became a CBA Franchisee


Joined the CBA Home Office as Vice President, Operations

“My absolute favorite part of my job is, without question, my team. I have the honor and privilege to come to the office every day and work with men and women that inspire me to be better personally and professionally. My heart and passion is to be of service, and I can’t imagine getting to serve a more talented and caring group of businessmen and women than our shop owners and their shop teams.”

Keith's Story

Keith's Headshot

Joined CBA as a Service Advisor

“When I started working at CBA, I knew immediately that this mechanic job was like none that I’d ever been a part of before. At other shops it was all business with little regard to ethics. Here, ethics are held to a high standard, and it’s about relationships, not just fixing cars.”


Promoted to Service Manager


Started Future Franchise Leadership Academy

“I poured my heart into the Future Franchise Leadership Academy program. This amazing opportunity allowed me to see the business through a completely different lens. My biggest takeaway was being able to see the bigger picture as a business owner and leader.”


Became a Franchisee

“My role here is way bigger than just being an owner. My guys care for each other and care for our customers. Customers come to us because we are like a family. We know them by their first name and we talk to them about more than just car stuff. My advice to anyone is to look at your 100 year vision and choose an employer that shares your vision.”

Josh's Story

Josh's Headshot

“A month after I graduated college, I started at CBA and I haven’t stopped growing.”


Joined CBA as a Service Writer

“When I started, there wasn’t a ton of formal training yet. I got to be a guinea pig for some of the early-era trainings that are now full-blown today. In addition, the Home Office had just started the coaching program so my Shop Owners relayed a lot of the information shared on coaching calls with me.”


Promoted to Service Manager

“Around this time, CBA changed from a job to a long-term career path for me. As the Service Manager, the Shop Owners have a lot of trust and faith in you, which is very important. They were able to focus on growing the business instead of working in the business because they could rely on me. I felt a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of my team and their families. My Shop Owners gave me the opportunity and trusted me to run the shop. They wanted me to grow, they poured into me and I wanted to make them proud.”


Started Future Franchise Leadership Academy

“My favorite thing about CBA is that they want what’s best for you as a person, professionally and personally. They won’t hold you back from an opportunity that’s available to you, even if it means you grow beyond them. The Future Franchise Leadership Academy program is a testament to that. My Shop Owners nominated me to a program that would eventually grow me out of their shop. But they wanted to see me continue to progress.”


Became General Manager of a CBA location

“The company has literally changed my life, and my family’s life. I look back 10 years ago and I realize there’s a reason why we’re here. Now that I’m running my own shop, I have a huge opportunity to pay it forward. I’ve made it known that they are in a position to grow and be challenged. My mentality is: if my Service Manager is still my Service Manager in 3-5 years, I’m not doing something right. If I don’t pass it along and spread it, I’m not doing my job.”

Bennett V.

Lead Technician/Shop Foreman

Working for Christian Brothers is totally different than working at any other company. It's the mentality of taking care of the employees. You don’t see that in the independent world. In the independent world you’re like a tool in a toolbox, you break, and they replace you. At Christian Brothers, I see more room for growth. There are so many resources I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Ben B.

Shop Foreman

What kind of shop puts up their numbers for everyone to see? They don’t hide any of that stuff. They are 100% transparent, you can see how many cars came in, how many hours you're at, and how the shop is doing.

Hunter H.

Service Technician

What gets me most excited about coming to work is the mentors. Every day is a learning day, it's kind of nice. Nobody has a problem stopping what they’re doing to come help somebody else.

Michael A.

Chief Operating Officer

I believe that our culture is truly unique and special. It’s a culture that puts people before profit and one of encouragement and service to one another and the communities we serve. My advice to anyone in the industry is to find a shop that invests in your goals, hopes, dreams, career and family.

Keith G.

Franchise Owner

At other shops it was all business with little regard to ethics. Here, ethics are held to a high standard, and it’s about relationships, not just fixing cars.

Matt B.

New Store Setup Lead

Three months prior to being hired at CBA, I had just overcame drug abuse for several years. I received lots of support from the shop owner, in the day-to-day, just encouraging me to better myself as a young tech. This organization has allowed me to grow as a person and become the man I am today.

Josh S.

Franchise Owner

My favorite thing about CBA is that they want what’s best for you as a person, professionally and personally. They won’t hold you back from an opportunity that’s available to you, even if it means you grow beyond them.

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